Building Individualized Portfolios For Your Unique Investment Needs


Solitude Canyon Investment Advisors strives to provide the highest level of investment management services.  We work with individuals, families, pensions, insurance companies and 401k plans located throughout the United States. Whether your wealth was generated thru a divorce, settlement, inheritance or a lifetime of saving, we will create and implement an investment strategy that will allow you to meet your financial goals.

The Solitude Canyon Commitment:

  1. Fiduciary - We will always put the interests of the client first, be completely transparent and provide objective recommendations.  That is our legal obligation and it's the right thing to do.
  2. Fees - Our fees are substantially lower than the industry average.  We are here to help you meet your goals, not line our pockets at your expense.
  3. Avoid Conflicts of Interest - Unlike other advisors, we never sell you a product that pays us a backdoor commission, referral fee or other third-party payment.
  4. Investment Excellence - Properly researching potential investments takes a considerable amount of time.  In addition to our own proprietary research, we spend a considerable amount of money to procure investment ideas that we believe can help generate outsized returns for your portfolio.
  5. Flexibility - Most institutions, funds and advisors are either required or feel compelled to stick to a rigid asset allocation model regardless of the circumstances (i.e. 60%/40% stock and bond model). We do not subscribe to that way of thinking.  If an asset class is wildly under or over-valued the wise thing to do is increase or decrease exposure accordingly.
  6. Focus on Value - One of our core beliefs is we should buy high-quality securities when they are on sale at any given time.  This results in focusing on certain sectors when they're cheap.  When these stocks eventually reach or exceed their fair value, we become less interested and search for the next group that is offering us a bargain.

In addition to managing your investments, the following services are provided without a charge to our clients:

  • Guide you on ways to minimize your tax bill through your investments and charitable endeavors
  • Give you advice on the best strategies to efficiently fund your children’s college educations
  • Create a plan to maximize your retirement income by coordinating your social security benefits with your spouse’s benefits and any pensions, given your expected retirement date
  • Assist you in navigating the complicated process of choosing the right Medicare options
  • Educate you so you know exactly what you are investing in and why
  • Examine all of your insurance needs and help you get the policy you need, not the one that pays them the highest commission
  • Manage your emotions and keep you from acting impulsively

Mutual Fund companies such as Vanguard do a fine job investing funds for their clients at a low cost.  In fact, we often recommend Vanguard to certain investors.  However, if you're like most investors, it probably makes sense to pay a little bit more to get a much greater level of personalized service.  For instance, if you call Vanguard or Fidelity and ask for assistance with 529 College Savings Plan investment strategies you'll politely be told that they can't help with that.  If you call us with that same question, you'll get a comprehensive review of your situation and a thoughtful recommendation.  

We look forward to speaking with you to discuss how Solitude Canyon can help you meet your financial goals.  Call or send us an email to get started today.