Wisconsin Public Union Members Out-of-Control

Posted by Randall A Reinwasser on Thursday, February 17, 2011 Under: Politics
"I'm just trying to balance my budget,” Walker told the New York Times. β€œTo those who say why didn't I negotiate on this? I don't have anything to negotiate with. We don't have anything to give. Like practically every other state in the country, we're broke. And it's time to pay up.” - Scott Walker, Wisconsin Governor

Like most states around the country, Wisconsin has a massive budget deficit.  To plug the hole, newly elected Governor Scott Walker has proposed taking away the public unions' ability to negotiate pensions and benefits and plans to have union members pay for half of their annual pension contribution (most private sector employees don't get a pension) and around 12% of their health care cost (the private sector pays about 20%).  However, the unions would still be able to negotiate salaries and the police and fire unions would be exempt from the change.  In addition to fixing the fiscal deficit, Governor Walker's proposal has the added benefit of keeping 6,000 jobs that would otherwise be lost. 

So take a guess at how the union responded.  Did they praise the Governor for coming up with a plan that would save 6,000 jobs and put Wisconsin on the road to fiscal health?  Hah!  Of course not.  Instead they did this:

Even more disgusting, 40% of Madison's school teachers called in sick forcing the closure of schools across the district.  I'm sure the parents of those kids really appreciate that.  The other thing they don't appreciate is that they pay a big chunk of their hard-earned money to union members who:  a)get salaries higher than the private sector, b)receive pensions which almost no one in the private sector gets, and c)receive health insurance for a fraction of the cost compared to what private sector employees pay.

Moreover, I don't believe for a second that their collective "bargaining" over the past 50 years has been a fair negotiation.  In fact, I think describing the "bargaining" as collusion and vote buying is far more accurate.  The public unions operate by turning out to vote in huge numbers and they happily support anyone running for office who will give them these absurd wages and benefits. 

I've had it with the public unions' greed and theft.  As far as I'm concerned they can go pound sand because the public sector gravy train has derailed.  If you're a public union worker and you don't like it, quit and find a new job...just like a private sector employee would do. 

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