What's New at Amazon?

Amazon is arguably the most innovative company of all-time.  Today, they announced they're looking to start the Amazon Pharmacy, which makes perfect sense given their outstanding logistical capabilities.  Walgreens and CVS shareholders should be getting quite nervous at this news.

Even more interesting, I read about a pending new Amazon service that will serve as yet another body blow to your local mall:

Many people nowadays enjoy the convenience of shopping for clothing online but miss the ability to try clothes on as they used to do in the good old days of shopping at the mall. Have no fear—Amazon (AMZN) is going to solve your problem.
The Amazon solution is Echo Look. Amazon is sticking a camera on its Echo device (home of Alexa the voice) and it’s going to take your picture. Backed up by Amazon’s massive AI and cloud capabilities, it will make you forget you ever tried on clothes at a mall.

If nothing else, owing shares of Amazon is a solid way to hedge your portfolio against their innovation crippling the other companies in your portfolio.  Their creative capabilities seems to have no bounds.