New Class Action Settlements, Dec 2014

December 9, 2014
A pair of class actions you may be eligible for since the last update:
  1. Ghirardelli Chocolates - Claim up to $24 for purchasing certain Gherardelli products.  Get $1.50 for each White Chip purchase and $.75 for other qualified product purchases.  They don't make it easy on you, you have to enter the month, year, place or purchase, product purchased (from a drop-down menu) and quantity purchased.  In case you can't remember each bar costs about $2.  Time to complete: 10 minutes.  
  2. Pure Via - Get up to $30 without proof of purchase.  This settlement is due to a claim that Pure Via claimed their products are "all-natural" when in fact they contain numerous processed ingredients.  Time to complete:  5 minutes.

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Register Now for American Express Small Business Saturday

November 16, 2014
One of the best giveaways of the year is back, AmEx's Small Business Saturday.  This year you can receive $10 back, 3 times, on each of your AmEx cards when you shop at a registered small business on Saturday, November 29.

You can use your card at the same retailer three times, but each transaction has to be $10 or more.  For instance, you could go to a favorite restaurant and purchase three $10 gift certificates, but you'll need to make three $10 purchases not one $30 purchase to get all thre...
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Free 18 Month Subscription to Rolling Stone

November 9, 2014
This came up last year and lots of us got a free one-year Rolling Stone subscription.  Well it's time to "renew".  It's a little more complicated this time, because you'll need to disable Java Scirpt first to get this to work.  I don't know how to disable Java Script in Firefox so please use Internet Explorer if you're interested in this offer. 

Step 1:  Disable Java Script in Internet Explorer:

Step 2:  After disabling scripting, enter this link into your browser:
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Sample Drop Dead Letter for Collection Agencies

November 4, 2014
If you're being harassed by debt collectors you have the right to tell them to never contact you again.  That doesn't mean you are no longer required to pay the debt, it just means they can no longer contact you.  You can tell them over the phone not to contact you and that may or may not stop them. What will almost certainly stop the harassment is to send them a Drop Dead letter via certified mail.  

Of course, they can still sue you for the debt but at least you don't have to deal with those...
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I'm Still Giving SRSXM the Business

October 25, 2014
Yay!  Today for about the 7th or 8th time I was able to renew my satellite radio for less than $6/month.  I did the usual steps of waiting to receive my invoice, calling in to "cancel", when they ask why I say "I can't afford it", when they ask do I like the service I say, "Yes very much" and then wait for them to make their first offer.  It's usually a very good deal at a substantial discount to their regular rate.  I then say I can't afford that but if they could consider continuing my curr...
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This and That 10/24/2014

October 25, 2014
  1. Visit Iceland for as little as $99 each way via Iceland's discount airline, Wow.  Mind you, this an introductory fare and they only fly to/from Boston and Baltimore.  Moreover, they're like Spirit and will fee you for everything and there's not much pitch.  Nonetheless what a deal.  
  2. An astronaut shares his extraordinary story in attempting to repair the Hubble telescope during a space walk.
  3. Get a $20 credit at Amazon by using your American Express Membership Rewards Points...maybe.  It seems t...

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Go To Staples on Sunday

October 18, 2014
Might be worth your time to stop by a Staples on Sunday.  This weekend they're giving away entire cases of bottled water for walking into the don't have to buy anything.

Beginning on Sunday, they'll send you a $20 Visa gift card via their Easy Rebate program if you buy at least $300 in Visa gift cards.  Buying two $200 Visa gift cards will cost you $13.90 in fees, so you're making $6.10 on the transaction plus whatever miles/points/cash-back you're getting from your credit card.  T...
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New Class Action Settlements, October 2014

October 8, 2014
Not much going on with class actions lately, but below is an easy $10 for Red Bull purchasers.  There's Vitamin Water, Jimmy John's and HP ink settlements looming on the horizon. 
  1. Red Bull - This settlement relates to labeling and whether Red Bull is being truthful regarding the safety and usefulness of their product.  If you purchased a Red Bull product between 1/1/2002 and 10/3/2014 you are eligible to receive either a $10 check or $15 worth of Red Bull products.  It looks like this is a pe...

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This and That 9/24/2014

September 24, 2014
1) This guy is my hero

2) A Waltz - on the side of a building

3) Why is London the most expensive city in the world to build in?  According to this short video it's a variety of things you'd probably never consider like:  unexploded WW2 bombs, Roman artifacts, the underground Royal Mail railway on Oxford Street, streets so narrow they require custom made cranes and protected view requirements.

4) The Gif Report:  There goes the trophy. Yep, that's worth a high-five  Nice left jab 

5) Things ...
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No Kidding

September 15, 2014
Fidelity/Barron's with the exclusive this morning.  In other breaking news, stocks could head lower. 

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