Wealth Management

Before investing your funds, we get to know you and your goals.  Younger clients are generally focused on growing their wealth over the long-term while retirees often desire a more income-focused portfolio.  No matter what your financial goals are, we build a unique portfolio to meet your needs.

On the equity (stock) side of your portfolio, we search the world for excellent companies selling at compelling values.  We have a prejudice toward companies that:

  • Have a low amount of debt
  • Pay a reliable and growing dividend
  • Trade at a valuation below historic norms
  • Are being overlooked by other investors
  • Grow their sales and profits at a decent rate
  • Are not cyclical in nature (i.e. steel, shipping or aluminum companies)

Investing in strong companies that are selling for attractive prices is the best way to meet your long-term investment goals.  Portfolios generally consist of approximately 40-50 stocks along with bonds (via inexpensive index funds) and a small amount of gold.  In addition, we will add inexpensive hedges to your portfolio when we feel it is appropriate.

We do not buy actively managed funds (stocks or bonds) for your portfolio.  Why?  Because actively managed funds are expensive and you are already paying us; therefore, we don't think it makes sense for you to pay fees to multiple companies.